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You like our music reviews? We do too! ;-)

If you are an up-and-coming band, songwriter, or independent label, we’d be glad to see what you’ve got. If it makes us groove, we promise to write a detailed review of your material that will broaden your audience and promote your artistry. If we don’t think it fits Mystery Tricycle, we’ll be nice guys and tell you why so you’re not left hangin’.

We only want to hear your music if you are serious about growing your audience. Since we are inundated with half-hearted email submissions saturated with links to MySpace pages, band websites, Last.FM etc., we are now only accepting submissions in physical format. (We aren’t being cheap, we just want to know you’re serious. Let us know if you need the disc back and we’ll make accommodations).

Please send CD’s to:

Mystery Tricycle
PO Box 548
Harrison City, Pennsylvania 15636-0548

Remember to include some contact information and anything else we might need to promote your music.

If you have any other questions or comments for the pretentious bunch that run this shindig, drop us an email here. Warning, we may only reply to your email if it is exceptionally pretentious, so you best be dripping with sardonic snobbery before clicking ‘send’.

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