Great Blue Heron Music Festival 2011 Preview

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Great Blue Heron Music Festival 2011 Preview I’ve never been very quiet about the Great Blue Heron Music Festival – I’ve loudly proclaimed it’s my favorite weekend of the year. A weekend of self-discovery, a weekend of new music, a weekend of freedom. With this year’s 2011 line-up posted, I thought I’d introduce you to some of the artists that will be bringing in fans from hundreds of miles to gather under the sun in Sherman, New York for culturally rich, musically diverse weekend in the woods. Slow Mo (featuring Mic Wrecka) The Philadelphia based, steel guitar pluckin’, rhyme-spinning tag team of Slo-Mo and Mic Wrecka will be lighting up the stage again this year! Somewhere stranded in the void of genre specificity between Robert Randolph, The Roots, Cake, and Big Audio Dynamite, the team of Mike “Slo-Mo” Brenner and... Read More

Slo-Mo - County

The Town Pants - Come With Me

Donna the Buffalo - Family Picture (live)

The Sim Redmond Band - Life Is Water

David Bromberg Quartet - Last Song for Shelby Jean

The Horse Flies - Baghdad Children

Cello Fury - Self Titled (2011)

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Cello Fury - Self Titled (2011) I was at the Pittsburgh Glass Center last Friday for their Hot Jam when I discovered Cello Fury. I wasn’t in the room when they started to play, but their infectious sound quickly drew my attention away from the molten glass being shaped into a vase (no mean feat, I can assure you). Being a classically trained violinist I first thought that the cellos being played were electric since the sound was so smooth; there was no change of tonal quality in the higher registers and very little auditory evidence of bow changes or string changes. Turns out this smoothness is due in small part to the minimal electric attachments to the cellos (for musical balance with the drum kit), but mostly to the impressive skill of the musicians. Through this combination of slight electronic modification and skill Cello Fury has obtained the... Read More
Cello Fury - Odyssey

Vintersorg - Jordpuls (2011)

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Vintersorg - Jordpuls (2011) Vintersorg is my favourite metal band, period, so when I heard they had a new album out I was intrigued but also a bit worried.  Confused?  Let me explain.  The first three albums they produced (including Till fjälls which I’ve covered here before) were an amazing blend of black, folk, and prog metal.  The lyrics switched effortlessly between beautiful, clean harmonies and growled, dirty, troll-like screams.  Also, they were completely in Swedish.  Like Valerie’s pointed out before you need to listen to music in an language you don’t understand a bit differently.  The meaning of the lyrics fall away (mostly, and until you find a translation) and the vocals become another instrument.  That was part of the magic and appeal of Vintersorg for me. Then Cosmic Genesis was released in 2000.  This album and... Read More

Klippor Och Skär

The Foo Fighters - Wasting Light (2011)

Guest Writer: Steve Grant

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The Foo Fighters - Wasting Light (2011) Hipsters, we need to talk. I don’t know how to tell you this, but I think we need to break up. It’s not you, it’s me. We had our good times. You introduced to me to vintage music and showed me what quality craftsmenship looks like. I can’t thank you enough for that; and you know Fleetwood Mac will always be our thing. But I need to move on. I guess I just wanted to tell you about me, the Foo Fighters, and Wasting Light before you heard it from someone else. Before you start getting upset, know that I’m only here because you always taught me to follow the music. Don’t worry; I’m in good hands. You two would probably be very good friends if it wasn’t so awkward. I mean, you both like Nirvana and Butch Vig. Did I tell you about the garage recording? That’s right, the entire... Read More
Foo Fighters - Rope

The Clarks - Let It Go (2000)

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The Clarks - Let It Go (2000) The Clarks are a Pittsburgh-based rock band that seem to have been on the edge of breaking out onto the national scene for years now.  Formed in 1986 they cut their teeth playing at fraternities and bars.  They’ve released 12 studio and live albums since forming, which have collectively sold nearly a quarter million copies.  Their music has been featured in the Warner Bros. Summer Catch and the closing credits of The Anna Nicole Show.  Admittedly Summer Catch is only rated at 4.6/10 on IMDB and 7% on Rotten Tomatoes and it’s Anna Nicole, but still, that should generate some interest.   In addition they’ve played on the Late Show with David Letterman.  They’ve toured all across the East, Southwest, and Pacific US, but for all of that are still most popular around Pittsburgh and Western... Read More

The Clarks - Born Too Late

The Clarks - Chasin' Girls

Adam Taylor - No Poet (2011)

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Adam Taylor - No Poet (2011) Adam Taylor’s short pop soliloquies are just as quirky as Adam himself probably is. Though I’ve never met the man, I can safely guess that he is a complex, layered individual. My first clue in to that insight is No Poet, his newest release. No Poet exists an enormous juxtaposition. It’s a short (20 min EP) arrangement of brief, compartmentalized folk-pop-rock musings, but within a relatively bubbly exterior lies some complex themes and messages. The disc is focused around human conflicts like the fears of leaving home, questioning of religion, and the frustrations of sexuality. All very deep thoughts requiring pointed introspection and deep considerations. Not bad for 3 minute pop songs, eh? The opener, ‘Oliver’ is about a long distance relationship, and explores the concerns of fear of abandonment... Read More
Adam Taylor - Oliver

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